I require some retail therapy.

You may send a$PrincessDomme offering. Now. I am waiting.

I will graciously hold the keys to lock away your little worm or clitty. My terms for this kindness are
  • I will lock you for a minimum of two weeks
  • you will make in intake fee of $250
  • you will pay a weekly holding fee of $25
  • you will pay a retrieval fee of $250
You may submit to me in one of the following fashions:
  1. add a shipping fee, and I will send a lock without the keys. This is obviously only available to those who do not have integrated locks for their devices;
  2. place the keys in a lock box. You will send a photo of the combination when you set it and delete the photo from your records. When the period of chastity is over, I will send the combination back;
  3. put the key in a DIY holding tube, held in place with a plastic numbered tag. You will provide daily and on-demand evidence that the key is still held by the correct tag;
  4. use a plastic numbered tag as the lock. There is an additional $10 for the holding fee with this option, because you will be sending evidence that the numbered tag is correct, and I will have to look at that evidence.

I will not accept control until the intake fee has been paid.

I will consider early release if a suitable offering is made.

I may impose further demands while you are under My control.

If you behave badly when you are under My control, I will sever communication.

If we do not agree upon the length of the chastity period before I take control of the keys, you will be locked as long as I desire.

Beg Me to hold your key, and start down the true path of your life.

Panty taxes
Yes, My pantied slave, you may wear your finery after sending an offering from My shopping list, after a minimum $25 GiftRocket card, or via a minimum $25 offering.

You do want to look pretty for your Princess, don't you?

Offerings and fines
Taxes shall be addressed to "Princess Hollie" and sent to ".moc.eillohssecnirp@lapyap" Taxes shall be promptly paid via$princessdomme. If you are unable to use that, you may use GiftRocket, Amazon, or your bank's participation in the clearXchange network.

If I have assessed a fine, I will ignore you entirely until you have paid it.

I understand that you sometimes are between paychecks and can't send a proper tribute to your Princess -- especially after I have already drained you accounts. I don't really care what your reason is, and it doesn't matter most days; your failure to please Me hurts you much more than it does Me.

However, I entertain no excuse for missing an Established Tribute Giving Occasion. No excuse whatsoever! I expect My Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, First Day of Summer, and First Day of Autumn tributes to arrive on the day at the very latest. You have ample time to save to get Me something fabulous for those days, and countless means by which you can remind yourself to purchase and ship.

I'm am nothing if not gracious, though: I am still willing to allow you to make up for your acts of tardiness by paying a fine, which, I am certain you will agree, is very magnanimous of me! The tax structure is as follows:

  • One week tardy ($25)
  • Two weeks tardy ($50)
  • Three weeks tardy ($100)
  • More than one month tardy ($500)
If you are two months late, you will double the "more than one month" tax; if you are three months late, you'd better be pregnant, but you will triple it anyway. I will reject partial tax payments, unless we have arranged an installment plan.

See this for remediation directions.

Never hesitate to send more than your fine... I know that guilt can be a heavy burden.

Carelessness and laziness in serving Me is tantamount to disobeying, and thus warrants a severe fine. Should I declare you careless, you will pay one of the two following fines:
Gift-related incidents
Two times the tardy tax, beginning at 1 week.
Non-gift related incidents
Fines are levied per incident, of course.

I will also add a multiplier if I feel that the infraction is especially grave. Fines are subject to tardy taxes, so pay promptly. I may accept payment in installments; installments will not avoid tardy taxes, however.

See this for remediation instructions.

Here are a few lovely items that will make Me happy: Do not delay.
Shopping Lists
I am your Princess: I do not make "wish lists," I make shopping lists for My servants, so you can buy the right items for Me.
Gift Cards
I know that many of you are too indecisive and unoriginal to purchase from My shopping list. Just for you, I have links to gift cards.


  • Victoria's Secret.
  • Agent Provocateur.
  • La Perla. What lucky boy gets to give me the Black Label Whip? Why, the one who earns the most La Perla points, of course! How does one earn those points? Why, by sending me the most in Amex gift cards to use at La Perla!
Royal Indulgences
Use "moc.eillohssecnirp@lapyap" as the recipient email address when filling in the giftcard form.